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The Art of Anal Biker Sex Intercourse dates back to ancient times suggests that the practice of Anal Biker Sex  stimulation of the anorectic area, including penile penetration has been around for many centuries. In fact, some might find it surprising how common a practice it is among heterosexual couples today. In one survey of 100,000 female readers of Redbook magazine, 43 percent of the women said they’d tried it with their partners at least once. Of that number, 40 percent said they found it somewhat or very enjoyable. (That is, about a quarter of the total number of women surveyed said this.) Forty-nine percent said they didn’t care for it, and 10 percent said they had no strong feelings one way or the other. While not a controlled scientific study, this survey roughly parallels the findings of many other sexual surveys.

Something else that may come as a surprise to many: While a fair number of heterosexuals engage in the practice, not all homosexuals do. In a review of the existing data on the subject, the Kinsey Institute concluded that between 59 and 95 percent of male homosexuals had engaged in Anal Biker Sex at least once.

In the age of AIDS, Anal Biker Sex has received a lot of bad press and for good reason. Unprotected Anal Biker Sex intercourse is the single most risky behavior in terms of exposure to the dreaded disease. It bears mentioning, however, that if neither you nor your partner is already infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), you cannot get AIDS from Anal Biker Sex This may seem self-evident, but in a nationwide sex survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute, half of the American adults questioned said they thought you could get AIDS through Anal Biker Sex intercourse, whether or not one partner was infected. This is simply not true.

What is true is that having Anal Biker Sex intercourse with an infected partner, without using a condom, is the kind of sex behavior most likely to transmit AIDS. That’s probably because the sensitive lining of the rectum is likely to tear during intercourse, allowing AIDS-infected blood or semen to pass directly into a sex partner’s bloodstream. In fact, the evidence for this mode of AIDS transmission is so clear-and AIDS itself is so scary-that doctors now recommend against having Anal Biker Sex with anybody, under any circumstances.

If you insist on trying it anyway, take two precautions: The vagina is naturally elastic and moistened by its own natural lubricants, but the rectum is not. Therefore, before attempting Anal Biker Sex penetration, it’s important to use a water based lubricant like K-Y Jelly. Also, before entering the vagina after Anal Biker Sex intercourse, be sure to thoroughly wash the penis. Otherwise, it’s likely to transfer bacteria from the rectum, which may cause vaginal infections.

This is the chapter about two friends sharing penis and ass in sensual pleasure, where the penis slides in and out of the ass. This is called ass fucking, humping, buggering, sodomizing, and Anal Biker Sex intercourse. For those who think sodomy is an offbeat or minor act, you’ll be surprised to hear that actually it’s been the most common and popular gay male sexual activity. All kinds of “simple” creatures, like bulls, frogs, guppies, dogs and so on, can frequently be seen making male-male sexual advances. For those animals that mount from behind (which includes the amphibians and mammals, for example), this naturally leads to male-male mounting. These actions are usually simple and don’t end in intercourse, though one or both partners may appear to get excited. But in some of the “higher” animals such as monkeys, complex activities are seen. That baboons do it often, seemingly to the point of orgasm, has become common knowledge. These acts usually involve an older and younger male and may develop into an ongoing relationship. The same is seen in macaque monkeys, where we have a description, for example, of a friendship between an adult and younger male that “was accompanied by frequent sodomy, mutual embracing, and social protection of the younger animal by his full-grown partner.” Sometimes relations will happen between nearly equal males, as noticed in squirrel monkeys. For our closest relatives, the chimps and gorillas, no observations are recorded, although among that unusually complex animal the porpoise, attempts at homosexual intercourse have been seen.

These behaviors suggest a phylogenetic pattern, in which Anal Biker Sex intercourse became increasingly important through the evolution of animal life. In the simpler animals, sodomy happens by random chance, while in highly evolved social animals, it is often purposeful to that society. Thus ass fucking, as an aspect of nature, contains meaning and mystery of the life-spirit. When humankind came along, the pleasurable and mystical powers of sodomy could be cultivated on new levels, equal to our consciousness and intelligence.

The Earliest records of our western “civilization” show that Anal Biker Sex intercourse was important culturally and spiritually, It was tied up with worship of androgynous gods, who were part male and part female. When culture reached the point of having temples, there were special priests who acted as go betweens for a person and the god, using Anal Biker Sex intercourse as the medium. This intercourse was considered spiritually cleansing and uplifting, a sharing between person and god “held to be pure and fraternal,” an act “venerable and holy.” This was a common opinion throughout the ancient Mideast. Sometimes descriptions survive of sodomist relations among gods themselves, as for example the Egyptians Set and Hourus.

Of course Anal Biker Sex intercourse was not limited by any means to the spiritual level only. It was always seen as a form of pleasure and recreation. “profane” sodomy (sex for its own sake) was, as the Bible continually reminds us, “rampant.” Paradoxically enough, it was even “quite common if customary” among the ancient Jews themselves, even though they started the taboos against it. Myth imputes the destruction of Sodom to this act (although most modern scholars no think Sodom was a morality story about the violation of hospitality rules, having nothing to do with sex).

Among the ancient Greeks, gayness was a part of everyday life. Anal Biker Sex intercourse was the common mode for men, and was considered an enjoyable, healthy, and uplifting activity. Being sensual and fun, it was done with humor (as were all pleasured to the Greeks) and called in slang “the carnal assault,” the two partners described as “dog modest” (referring to the most popular position, that of rear entry).

Also it formed part of the morality of the state, the “proper” way to bring up young men and be an upstanding citizen. In Greek philosophy, education was conducted through the love between teacher and student, called paiderastia, and “by Paiderastia a man propagated his virtues, as it were, in the youth he loved, implanting them by the act of intercourse.” We find this idea of virtue-giving through Anal Biker Sex intercourse to be frequent in different cultures. In fact, at times a man was not considered to be living up to community standards unless he did practice sodomy:

Lycurgus, the Spartan legislator, living some centuries before Socrates, refused the title of a good and deserving citizen to any man who had not a [male] friend that served him as a concubine.

To say that Anal Biker Sex intercourse was practiced widely by the Greeks and later, the Romans would probably be an understatement:

Who does not know that the Greeks and Romans were intrepid pedicons and determined cinedes? In the Greek and Latin authors… the male Venus parades on every page…all burnt with the same fire, the common people, the higher classes, the king.

Pedicon was the Latin name for “a man who exercises his member in the anus.” He was also called a pederast or drawk. The man “who allows himself to be invaded in this way” was called the cinede (cinaedus), or patient, catamite, minion, effeminate. Also, if the cinede was an adult or “worn out,” he was called an exolete.

The Romans didn’t give the same moral and institutional values to Anal Biker Sex intercourse as the Greeks did, but their ardor for it appears equal, none the less. Plenty of poets spoke of it, praising it, mocking well-known friends (with humor), spreading rumors and giving advice. Here are a few examples:

Stretch the foot and take your course, fly with soles in the air, with supple thighs, and nimble buttocks and libertine hands…

– Petronius (First Century A.D.)

Caesar, the husband of all women, and the wife of all husbands – Curio the Elder

Catching me with a boy, you harass me with your cries, and you tell me, my wife, that you have posteriors too.

Many and many a time did Juno say the name to Jupiter the Thunderer; yet he continued to sleep with slender Ganymede. -Martial (40?-102 A.D.)

He was very much given to the intercourse between men, and amongst such he preferred men of ripe age, exoletes.

-Seutonius (Second Century A.D.) Speaking of the Roman Emperor Galba.

For you, ungrateful boy, I keep my treasures all, and no one shall enjoy them but yourself; my penis is growing; while it used to measure seven inches, now it measures ten.

-Pacificus Maximus, Elegy II, to Ptolemy

Overall, the ancients thought differently about sexual matters then we do. They lacked that guilt, that righteousness, that disgust of pleasure that early Christians so treasured. In other words, they simply enjoyed it.

The general attitude of the Greeks, Romans and other Mediterranean peoples towards Anal Biker Sex intercourse can be summed up in the words of an ancient Greek historian, Timaeus, as he comments on a neighboring county:

It is not considered objectionable among the Tyrrhenians [of Italy] to have to do with boys openly, whether actively or passively, for paederasty [man/youth love] is a custom of the country…They pay homage to love…they are very fond of women, but find more pleasure with boys and young men…

All this changed with the rise of the Christian church, which took a harsh Jewish creed and made it more harsh. Sexual matters were far from perfect in the ancient Mediterranean world ( especially as regards the rights of women), but there is a vast gulf between arguing the pros and cons of passive sodomy and condemning all sodomy as against God’s will. Christianized Roman emperors such as Justinian were afraid that God would cause earthquakes and fires like he did on Sodom if homosexuality were not wiped out. And many early Christians believed that all sex was sinful (some even going so far as to castrate themselves), thus making gay sex doubly evil.

Male gayness was common in all Europe, even before the advent of Christianity, and it seems likely Anal Biker Sex intercourse was widely practiced. At least this was true for the Celts of France, according to the Roman Athenaeus:

The Celts take more pleasure in prederastia then any other Nation, to such a degree that amongst them is no rarity to find a many lying between two minions.

Many references tell how common ass fucking was among the Normans, who conquered England in 1066. As to England itself, Anselm, writing to Archdeacon William in 1102, says, “This sin had been so public that hardly anyone has blushed for it, and many, therefore, have plunged into it without realizing its gravity.” The fortunes of sodomy rose and fell during the Middle Ages depending on religious and social feelings. Sometimes you could be more open about it, and sometimes you were burned at the state. Sodomy was a potent crime against God, and Accusation of it was often used to punish political enemies. Thus, for example, the Knights Templar, famous during the Crusades, were accused of sodomy in order to remove their political power.

Different European states held different attitudes on the matter. Officially it was condemned everywhere, but practically speaking the countries varied in tolerance. Especially after the Renaissance it seems that sometimes matter could be more open. for Example, the Scot Lithgow reports in 1610 while touring Italy:

For beastly Sodomy, it is as rife here [in Padua] as in Rome, Naples Florence, Bullogna, Venice, Ferrara, Genoa, Parma not being exempted, nor yet the smallest village of Italy: A monstrous filthiness, and yet to them a pleasant pastime, making songs, and singing Sonnets of the beauty and pleasure of their Bardassi, or buggered boys.

Of a later time, one scholar writes:

If we may trust to Aloysia Sigaea, the Italians and Spaniards did it; also the Dutchmen, with whom towards the middle of the XVIIIth Century as J. David Michaelides tell us…this habit was so much in vogue, that the punishment of death was hardly a avail against it; also the Parisians…

The Mideast was not only the cradle of western civilization but also of those culture which today embrace North Africa, Turkey, all the near East, India and Indonesia. Male gayness was very widespread in these cultures, at times to the point of rivaling heterosexual values and institutions. Having been bypassed, so to speak, by the accusing finger of the Judeo-Christian god, gayness in these lands continued to flourish ad it had in ancient times.

In the geographical center of the Mideast lies Persia, modern Iran. During the middle and early modern ages, Persia flourished as a center of religious, philosophical and artistic thought. And the general code of law and customs, including one of the most ancient of Malthusian law seeking population control, fostered sodomy in social and theological practice. Thus, Persians became one of the first endemically and customarily inverted peoples.

“True love” for males in Persia was often gay in nature, and poets, philosophers, holy men praised it, using its feelings to enrich their thinking, and vice versa. Thus sodomy was connected with “higher” virtues, and Anal Biker Sex intercourse became a way of reaching new spiritual levels and of teaching the young, just as it was with the Greeks.

In North Africa, not only was sodomy prevalent among the Egyptians, but also with the Berbers, Moors, and other Arabs. And in Afghanistan, a typical greeting was, “May the devil rub thy buttocks, ya Huzoor!” In the same region lived the Pathans, whose pederastic love song (Zekhmi Dil, “Wounded Heart”) went, “There’s a boy across the river with a postern like a peach, but alas! I cannot swim!” In libya Anal Biker Sex intercourse was known as el-cudeh (“the worm”), while in Hindu culture the “active” partner was called gandhmara (“anus beater”). In Hindu society, Anal Biker Sex intercourse was usually frowned upon, as was gayness in general. But as I noted before, this was more the attitude of the upper class and intelligentsia, the “lower” classes being more relaxed, because the god Shiva had sodomy with other gods. We do not know how prevalent this kind of sex was there, except that it was at least fairly popular. The nomadic tribes living on the middle plains of Asia – the Turanians, Cossacks, Huns, Tartars, Mongols, Turkomans, Yakuts and others – practiced “flagrant sodomy,” the Elizabethan Samuel Purchas noting that the Tartats were “addicted” to it”

Gayness was also historically widespread and held in esteem in China. Again, Anal Biker Sex intercourse was the popular mode, and was referred to in Chinese literature as “sharing the peach.” This phrase arose out of the firs recorded instance of sodomy in Chinese history:

Duke Ling [around 500 B.C.] committed sodomy with a young court official, Mi Tzu-hsia, who had a face “as pretty as that of a blooming maiden.”…One day, when the two of them were sauntering hand in hand in the Duke’s Eastern Garden, Mi playfully picked a ripe peach from a tree. After having a few bites himself, he unceremoniously pushed the remaining part of the peach into Duke Ling’s mouth. In those days such an act was considered one of the great disrespect for the head of the state. And yet Duke Ling gladly munched the peach and said aloud: “This peach tastes so good because it has been in your mouth first.”

Nobles, courtiers and even emperors engaged in sodomy, this being especially prevalent during the Manchu dynasty (17th-20th centuries). Relations were most common between men and youths. One of the classic erotic masterpieces of world literature, the Chin P’ing Mei, involves the hero, Hsi-men, in the scene:

Hsi-men opened the boy’s robe, pulled down his pants, and gently stroked his penis…while the boy surrendered his bottom to a might warrior, Hsi-men stroked his stiff penis….Said the boy: “He pushed his poker so violently between my buttocks that today they are swollen with great pain. When I asked him to stop, he pushed his poker in and out all the more.”

In both China and Japan, male prostitution was widespread, and “a thriving and honorable profession” sanctified in China by Tcheou- wang, God of Sodomy, and in Japan consecrated in male Geisha houses. In China, “the boys were made to sit on benches made of boxwood sprigs in graduated sizes, in order to prepare them to welcome the pleasures expected of them.” In both cultures these prostitutes could still be found on special streets as late as the last world war.

The majority of the “Primitive” cultures on all continents and throughout human history sanctioned some form of male gayness. As one scholar noted, “Anal Biker Sex coitus is the usual technique employed by male homosexuals in preliterate societies.”

These relationships could take on a variety of forms, depending on local customs. One common form involves a marriage between a man and a transvestite, who may also be a magician. Here, the transvestite usually takes the “passive” role with his husband, though in some cultures he is allowed to take female wives in addition. Such customs have been noted among diverse peoples, such as the Chuckchee of Siberia, the Aleuts and Konyages of Alaska, the Creek and Omaha of the U.S., “the negro population of Zanzibar,” and the Bangala of the upper Congo

To sum up – Anal Biker Sex is not experienced exclusively by gay men; it is a facet of our collective sexual identity which has been explored by previous cultures and continues to be explored today. Men and women of all walks of life enjoy Anal Biker Sex as an alternative to everyday lovemaking. Its not for everyone, but Anal Biker Sex may be what you’re looking for if you want to try something completely different. Anal Biker Sex is enjoyable because of the rich body of nerve endings in the anus. While people often experience pain when first attempting Anal Biker Sex as a person learns to relax, the pain often subsides into pleasure. For men, Anal Biker Sex also offers stimulation to the prostate, an organ that provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm. Anal Biker Sex for many seems like a taboo activity, and much of society still shuns it. But statistics show that roughly 35% of heterosexuals and 50% of the gay community practice Anal Biker Sex at least occasionally To prepare yourself for Anal Biker Sex the first thing to do is learn to relax. This may include a hot bath beforehand, an erotic massage or even just a good workout. Remember that the sphincter muscles around the anus will not allow things to pass through easily unless you relax and take it slow. Do not start with something the size of a dildo or penis. Start with either: a) your partner’s finger or b) Small Love Plug. The plug provides a unique sensation and many couples consider it an exciting addition to the bedroom. If you’re more comfortable with a partner’s finger then start with that. The basic principle is to start small and work your way up 

One partner should lubricate or place a lubricated condom over his or her finger. Take the finger and arouse the surface of the anus, perhaps making small circular motions as you go. Always pay attention to your partner to indicate whether or not he or she feels comfortable. Slowly attempt to push your finger (or plug) slightly inside the anus. Do not use force – stop immediately if your partner complains of discomfort. If it is difficult to enter the anus, you probably need more lubrication. The first time you try this, the receiver may feel a bit of pain. Anal Biker Sex is not for everyone, and if you feel uncomfortable stop and perhaps try again later. Think of this process as training for later Anal Biker Sex encounters. Even a finger can provide intense stimulation when it is inserted in the anus.

Once you have tried penetration with a finger a number of times then you can move towards something that is a bit larger. First you have to decide on what type of Anal Biker Sex stimulation that you enjoy. Do you enjoy the movement of a finger, the fullness of a plug, or the feeling of entry and withdrawal? You may wish to proceed by being penetrated with your partner’s penis or by using an Anal Biker Sex toy. For those who enjoy the feeling of penetration more than motion or vibration, try butt plugs which are designed specifically for this purpose. A butt plug sits inside the anus, and is not generally used for thrusting back and forth. If a plug interests you, we suggest the Big Flirt. This beautiful toy is made of pure silicone and features a graduated design.  The texture is unrivaled.  It’s soft but resilient and retains body heat.  You won’t find a better plug. We’re confident you’ll love the feel of this toy. Anal Biker Sex can be a perfectly safe activity as long as you take the necessary precautions. You should remember that your anus and rectum do not have their own natural lubrication nor the kind of elasticity the mouth and vagina enjoy. That is why Anal Biker Sex must be practiced with care. There are three things that should always be used whenever Anal Biker Sex penetration is taking place; lubrication, condoms and common sense. Liberal amounts of lubrication are necessary because the rectal wall can be quite sticky and is subject to tearing and lesions if not kept lubricated. (Our favorite is Astroglide) In addition, the anus and rectum are narrow, so lubrication is needed to press inside smoothly. Condoms are another necessity. Enemas, douches and other cleaners will not be able to get all the germs and bacteria out of the rectum. Not only is Anal Biker Sex facilitate the transmission of STDs better than any other form of sex, it can also cause urinary tract infections and other bacterial diseases. Latex protection is essential, and can offer additional slickness. Finally, use your common sense. The rectal wall curves and is thin so long, hard objects can tear your insides. Don’t wear any jewelry on your hands, and cut your fingernails if you are going to put your finger in someone’s anus. Most importantly, respect your body. Don’t push the limits and go only as far as you feel comfortable.

The best positions for Anal Biker Sex depend largely on what stage you and your partner are at in your experiences. Rear entry or the “doggie style” position is the one position most people associate with Anal Biker Sex However, rear entry allows a penis or Anal Biker Sex toy to penetrate most deeply, and may not be the best choice for the beginner. A good starting position is the “spoons” position, with each partner laying on his or her side, one behind the other. This prevents the penetrating partner from going too fast, and allows complete control over penetration. It also brings you closer to your partner, making it easier to judge his or her reactions to what you’re doing.

Another position for Anal Biker Sex is a variation of the missionary position. The receiving partner lays on his or her back while the penetrating partner approaches from on top. The penetrating partner lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. The top partner can masturbate the other and is open to massage and cuddling as well.

Finally, rear entry offers another possibility for Anal Biker Sex penetration. This position allows the penetration to be the deepest, and permits the receiver to better open the anus for entry. Rear entry doesn’t offer the kind of intimacy or ease of communication that the other positions do, but for more advanced lovers, can offer the greatest amount of thrusting and penetration.

There are many more positions and techniques to try. Many people discover new and exciting positions through experimentation, and most people find the one that best suits them. Good communication is the key to such discovery, and a manual or video can help as well.